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1. Joining Eskvale Hockey Club

To join Eskvale Hockey Club you must register with Pitchero and enter all your details (more info can be found below). Then head over to the membership subscriptions page where you will find information on how to pay monthly subs.

How to join Eskvale Hockey Club - go to the website and click join.

You can also download the app

There are various roles to join at Eskvale Hockey Club and below is a brief summary of what they allow access to:

Supporter - no membership access but may receive communications from EHC via Pitchero comms - hockey related.

Club Member - membership access and if membership account email is verified (Pitchero send a verify email so check your spam/ junk folder, so click on it to receive emails), you will also received Pitchero comms from us using this method.

Player - membership access - please complete the online membership application in detail - we require contact number and email, and you need to request what team/ teams you are playing for . All players must be 14 or over to register as a player with an online membership account linked to their email. All players must request to be Club Members too. This is how we communicate with them via Pitchero.

Parent - membership access and a linked child player account. You are required to complete the online membership application in the parent name and the first section is to be filled with information pertaining to the parent/ guardian.

We ask you accept the GDPR to ensure your child can be put forward towards the EH single system and also any hockey matches that require player info to be shared. See our privacy policy if not sure.